Google Translate

Downloading dictionaries for later use without an Internet connection

iOS and Android

Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If you DON’T already have the Google Translate app, download it form your app store.

The first time you open Google Translate, you’ll be asked to choose your primary language and the language you translate most often. To pick from available languages, tap the Down arrow.

To download both languages for offline use, leave „Translate offline” checked, to download dictionaries for selected languages to your phone and use the application even without an Internet connection.

If you already have the Google Translate application, connect to a Wi-Fi network and open the app.


1. At the bottom, select the language you want to download.
2. Next to the language, tap Download.
3. If it asks you to download the language file, tap Download.

In the Translate app, your saved languages show up as Downloaded.

1. On either side of the screen, tap the language at the top.
2. Next to the language you want to download, tap Download.
3. If asked to download the language file, tap Download.

Next to each language saved on your device, you’ll see Downloaded

PDF in four languages


Download & use Google Translate

Download languages to use offline